Handmade cloth dolls by Kay Prior

Introducing my hand made cloth dolls!

 My  traditional style cloth dolls and their clothing are all made by hand, from scratch , they are not sold anywhere else so you can be confident that  you are buying direct from the maker!

The dolls are named alphabetically for my records but can (of course) be renamed by adopters as they wish!

 Details, photos and adoption fees are listed here as they become available , my dolls are all 45-50cm tall (about 20 inches) I make just a few dolls each month and sell on a first come first served basis, each doll is sent gift boxed and with a detailed care information leaflet/maker certificate

UK deliveries are Monday-Friday by DPD (next day service) and are charged at cost price


Ready made dolls...

These are my ready made dolls, (availability listed with description)) I add to the collection on a regular basis as they become available, scroll down to meet the new kids on the block. 
 The adoption fee for each available doll is stated in their info (all dolls are now available with glasses if required at a nominal extra cost of £5) and UK postage is approx £11 (delivery is by next day courier service) 
Apply to adopt or request more photo's/info  here

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


This is Rowan, a very sweet natured boy with blue eyes and a striking head of fuzzy red hair.

He is always eager to please and makes friends very easily, Rowan loves his food and is very keen to cook.

He has boundless energy and is dressed for action in snazzy dungarees and a plain tee shirt 

Rowan has now been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


 Meet Edith, she is a very pretty girl with a heart of gold.

She is always surrounded by good friends and can be relied on for a listening ear and a kind word.

She has beautiful dark skin, a mass of funky curls in all the colours of the rainbow and comes dressed in a lovely summery frock with matching shoes and undies.

Edith is available for adoption @ £58 +p&p

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


 This is Matteo, he is a Spanish lad with oodles of charm.

He loves to look smart and wears a waistcoat over his tailored shirt, with skin tight corduroy jeans.

Fast cars and motorbikes are Matteo's favourite things and he loves to play a round of crazy golf with the other kids 

Matteo has tanned skin and  a cheeky smile.

Matteo is available for adoption @ £55 +p&p

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


This is Queenie, she is a chatty little  girl who loves her food, she is a big chocolate fan and always first to the biscuit tin to bag the choccie ones.

Playing outdoors is something Queenie loves especially on the garden swing

She is dressed in a pretty frock with a floral bodice and a pink skirt with matching  undies, her hair is tied in low bunches with purple ribbons.

Queenie is available for adoption @ £50 +p&p

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


Meet Yasmine..... this gorgeous girl is dressed in a lovely summer frock with matching   undies and  shoes!                       Her Cherry Red hair is tied in bunches 

     She loves playing outside on the swing, but tries hard not to get too dirty. 

As a big Disney fan, Yasmine has watched The little Mermaid six times!       Yasmine can be very shy, especially with boys, but she enjoys a good gossip with her girlfriends.

 Yasmine is available for adoption @ £55 +p&p


Hand made doll by Kay Prior


Meet Joe, he is a real character full of fun and laughs!               He is always in the dressing up box and since the pandemic hit, has become obsessed with  wearing his favourite outfit of medical scrubs, he loves to play at being Doctors and vets.....if he can find a willing patient?       His afro hair is worn in random dreads and under his mask he has a beaming smile.

Joe is available for adoption @ £50 +p&p

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


This lovely lady is Daphne, she is a flamboyant character full of her own self importance.

Daphne is convinced she is a princess and tells everyone that she once had tea with the Queen! in spite of her self importance she is great fun to be around and makes the others laugh with her wild stories.

She wears a floppy hat and matching jacket over her lilac frock and has lots of buttons and bows

Daphne is available for adoption @ £60 +p&p

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


Meet Pj a clever lad who takes his studies seriously, he is fascinated by all things Jurassic, but he also loves to play and spends all his spare time on a skateboard.

Pj has a style all of his own and wears  shorts and Tee shirt over his stripy legs

His dark hair is mostly short with a long  top


 Pj is available to adopt @ £50+p&p

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


 This colourful character is Frances, she is a riot of colour and has a personality to match!

Frances is interested in hair, make up and fashion, she can never decide what to wear but has settled for a Gustav Klimt   "flowers garden" patterned skirt and a smart cropped top.

She has pale lemon undies, stripy pink legs and soft green shoes.

Her hair is multi coloured and held in high bunches with snazzy ribbons.

Frances has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


 This is new boy Quentin, he is a really cheeky character and proving popular with the other dolls on the shelf, although he seems to attract a certain kind of  mischief.

He has a mass of red hair and a sprinkle of freckles

He is casually dressed in a blue sweater and corduroy jeans with tartan turn-ups.

Quentin has now been adopted


Bespoke makes

For a limited period only!

I am now taking commissions for bespoke dolls, these will be priced at £80 (plus p&p) and will only be available as an option for a short period over the summer

lead times for bespoke makes is 2-4 weeks 

Please use my contact form to order, giving as much detail as possible


Gallery of SOLD boy dolls, all handmade by Kay Prior

These are some of the girl dolls that I have made and SOLD earlier in the year