Handmade cloth dolls by Kay Prior

Introducing my hand made cloth dolls!

 My handmade traditional cloth dolls are made from scratch using plain cotton calico, they are not sold anywhere else, you are buying direct from the maker!

The dolls are named alphabetically for my records but can (of course) be renamed by adopters as they wish!

 Details, photos and adoption fees are listed here as they become available , my dolls are all 45-50cm tall (about 20 inches) I make just a few dolls each month and sell on a first come first served basis, each doll is sent gift boxed and with a detailed care information leaflet/maker certificate

UK deliveries are Monday-Friday by DPD (next day service) and are charged at cost price


Ready made dolls...

These are my ready made dolls, (availability listed with description)) I add to the collection on a regular basis as they become available, scroll down to meet the new kids on the block.
 The adoption fee for each available doll is stated in their info and UK postage is approx £10 (delivery is by next day courier service) 
Apply to adopt or request more photo's/info  here

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


This is Nancy, she is a  confident and sassy girl with lots of friends amongst the other dolls, her long red hair  is tied in a pretty half updo She is dressed in a long sleeved tee, floral trimmed denim dungarees  and has big bows on her shoes.

Nancy is very arty and loves to paint 

  Nancy is available to adopt @ £45 +p&p

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


Verity is a very sweet natured, sometimes shy girl, she has a love of singing and wants to be a star!

A big fan of musicals, her favourite being  Mary Poppins 

She always dresses in pretty frocks and ties her long blonde locks in a high pony tail with a large spotty sailor bow. 

Verity is available for adoption @ £50 +p&p

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


Introducing Indiana, a crazy personality, full of love and fun!

Indiana dresses casually in sweaters and camo pants, ready for whatever life brings.

With dark skin and tight curls Indiana would be a gorgeous, fun addition to any active family 

 Indiana has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


Meet Horace!

Horace is a lovable lad with a rather clumsy disposition, he means well but tends to leave a trail of disaster behind him.

He hates his name and asks all his friends to simply call him "Ginge" He struggles to keep his clothes clean and is forever falling over his trailing shoelaces 

 Horace has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


Introducing Uleia, a very strong  character who is full of fun and laughter, she  loves all things mystical and totally believes in fairies and unicorns

Uleia has mid length blond hair and wears a pretty mystical design lined frock, undies and has big pink bows on her shoes....Pink is definitely her favourite colour!

 Uleia has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


This is Sasha, a tall (20inches), raven haired beauty with the prettiest blue eyes.

She can be quite shy, but soon comes out of her shell, she is a comfy dresser in striped jersey trousers and a burgundy sweater, she has her long black hair scrunched up and encased in a stylish wrap

Sasha has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


 Introducing Toni,  a really sweet natured doll who loves all things natural.

Toni is 20inches tall with long dreadlocked hair and a beaming smile. Wearing loose slacks and a rainbow knitted sweater Toni would be suited to an older child or adult home as long dreads beads and tiny buttons could be hazards for under 5's

Toni has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


 Meet Edward, he's a shy lad who likes to keep out of the limelight but certainly comes out of his shell in good company.   He is a bit of a bookworm and loves pirate tales. Standing 20inches tall with short curly hair and a cheeky smile, He is dressed in joggers and a warm knitted sweater and is hoping for a home with someone to share reading stories 

 Edward has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


 This is Greg ,  a friendly, chatterbox! He is a keen fisherman and fond of telling tall fishy tales.

He is 20inches tall with short auburn hair and a sprinkle of freckles. He is dressed in jeans and a casual shirt and would love a home with anyone who could listen to his constant chatter 

Greg has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


This is Bella,  a pretty young lady with bright red hair and a very pretty strawberry patterned dress, she was a special make for a customer 

I often make doll dresses in this lovely fabric, a firm favourite of mine!  

 Bella has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


 Bethany was a special request, made as a birthday present for a lucky little girl .




 Bethany has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


This is Katie, she is a chic young lady with a flair for style, always wearing her red beret and black boots, she has long natural Wensleydale sheep wool hair that would be unsuitable for children under three years. 

 Katie has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


Faith is a stunner, 20 inches tall with long pink and blue dyed locks which are made from 100% Wensleydale longwool sheep locks.  She is dressed in a pretty pink floral catsuit. She is offered for adoption to an older child or adult home, as her long hair may be unsuitable for small children 

Faith has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


This is Ruby, twin sister to Fergus, she shares the same flame red hair and freckles.

Ruby is quite studious liking to read books in a quiet corner away from her brother's tricks.

She wears a pale green sweater with tight jeans and has a green bow tied in her long hair

  Ruby has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


Meet Fergus, 20 inches tall with flame red hair and freckles, he is a cheeky character and lots of fun, he has a twin sister "Ruby" who he likes to play practical jokes on.  He is dressed for outdoor play in jeans and a rust coloured knitted jumper.

Fergus has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


Say hello to Polly, another lovely red head, she has joined the dolls on the shelf today and is proving to be a bit of a giggle.  She is wearing a striking, dog patterned frock and matching shoes and her long red hair is tied in loose bunches 

  Polly has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


This is Doug, he is a real cool surfing dude, he is looking for an active sporty home with adults and children over 36 months.....Doug is casually dressed in long board shorts and a crisp white cotton shirt with a dog design ( he loves dogs) he never wears shoes and spends all his time keeping fit and surfing 

Doug has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


This is Grace, she is Gloria's sister and is much bolder and cheekier 

Grace loves dressing up and  has a wicked sense of humour often  playing practical jokes on the other girls  

  Grace has been adopted

Artisan cloth doll by Kay Prior


Gloria is a cutie, she has slightly darker skin and wild, soft wooly hair with an aubergine coloured ribbon attached, her dress is in a pretty blue polka dot fabric and she wears plain frilly undies. She is a very sweet natured girl who takes newcomers under her wing and reads stories to help them settle

Gloria has been adopted

Handmade dolls by Kay Prior


Introducing Bethany a quirky little character, she is dressed in a fun zebra print jumpsuit and has lots of spiral curls and ribbons in her hair, she lives happily with one of our grandchildren

Bethany has been adopted

Handmade doll by Kay Prior


This sweet, rather prim young lady is Daffodil, she  has lovely cottony brown hair in a pony tail and is wearing a pretty floral dress

Daffodil has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


Daisy is Daffodils twin sister she is almost identical but has a thin streak of red hair in her pony tail 

Daisy is dressed in a navy flower print frock like her sister.

Daisy has been adopted

Hand made boy doll by Kay prior


My very first boy doll, Archie has been lovingly created from the same basic pattern, he is dressed in denim trousers and jacket over a teal vest

He had a long journey to his adoptive family in Germany where he soon settled in

Archie has been adopted

Handmade doll by Kay Prior


Claire is a cheeky character with a look of mischief about her, she has short wild hair and wears a simple summery dress with matching bloomers

Claire has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay prior



Elizabeth is a bit of a tom-boy at heart and her unkempt red hair gives her away in spite of her pretty "Sunday best" outfit.  She has a mass of cheeky freckles and a mischievous grin and loves climbing trees and reading

Elizabeth has been adopted 

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


Meet Hope, she is a beautiful dark skinned girl all ready for summer in a pretty yellow floral sundress with matching headband and undies.   

She has masses of wild, wooly hair and a lovely warm smile 

Hope has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


Billy was a special make, ordered for a little girl's birthday.

He has 100% natural English Leicester longwool sheep locks for hair and is dressed in dungarees and a turquoise overshirt

Billy has been adopted

Handmade doll by Kay Prior


This is Annabel, my first cloth doll, with striking red hair in bunches, she is made from a pattern by Maureen Reed and is dressed in clothes made from recycled fabrics.

 Annabel has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior



Alice is Annabel's twin sister she is almost identical with thick red hair tied in bunches and a pretty floral frock

She was a special make for an admirer of Annabel

Alice has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


Olivia has a lovely smiley face and a mass of lovely soft golden brown curls 

She is wearing a  harem style pant suit in grey with tiny flowers and a brown belt. 

  Olivia has been adopted 

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


This is Jasmine, a very sweet little girl doll, she has plum coloured hair tied in bunches and wears a pink floral frock and pink undies, she is a little shy and likes to cuddle up with a teddy.   

 Jasmine has been adopted

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


Isobel & Charlie

This lovely pair are Isobel & Charlie, they were a special make for birthday surprise. 

Isobel is very girly and keeps herself spotlessly clean while Charlie is outdoorsy and loves to get muddy  

  Isobel & Charlie have been adopted