Handmade cloth dolls by Kay Prior

Cloth dolls

 My  traditional style cloth dolls and their clothing are all made by hand, from scratch , they are not sold anywhere else so you can be confident that  you are buying direct from the maker!

The dolls are named alphabetically for my records but can (of course) be renamed by adopters as they wish!

 Details, photos and adoption fees are listed here as they become available , my dolls are all 45-50cm tall (about 20 inches) I make just a few dolls each month and sell on a first come first served basis, each doll is sent gift boxed and with a detailed care information leaflet/maker certificate.

Dolls are UKCA safety tested and suitable for children and adults over 3yrs (Dolls suitable from birth can be made to order)

UK deliveries are Monday-Friday (next day service) and are charged at cost price


Ready made dolls...

These are my ready made dolls, (availability listed with description)) I add to the collection on a regular basis as they become available, scroll down to meet the new kids on the block. 
 The adoption fee for each available doll is stated in their info (all dolls are now available with glasses if required at a nominal extra cost of £5) and UK postage is approx £11 (delivery is by next day courier service) 
Apply to adopt or request more photo's/info  here

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


Meet Valentin

This little lad is the life and soul of any party, he just loves to play the fool and keeps everyone on the shelf entertained with his jokes and impressions.

He is a big fan of Minions (especially Bob) and Despicable me, as his choice of shirt demonstrates.

Valentin has very short black hair oriental eyes and a happy smile, he wears his favourite shirt over a plain white vest and jeans, he would love to have a new family to try his best jokes out on.


Valentin is available for adoption @ £45+p&p

Hand made doll by Kay Prior

Uncle Ted

This is Uncle Ted, he is very down to earth and full of wisdom.

Uncle Ted is not fussed with fads and fashions, he prefers the basics of life, his clothes are basic and comfy, corduroy trousers and a sweater and he keeps his hair very short.

Uncle Ted is very kind and thoughtful, he likes to help anyone in need, if he can, and is always there to lend an ear to anyone who needs it. The kids on the shelf have been writing letters to Santa and Uncle Ted has asked for a new pair of slippers and a family that would love him.

Uncle Ted is available for adoption @ £50+p&p

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


 Here’s  Iris, she is a breath of spring, really  bright and bubbly!

Iris is blessed with stunning  ginger hair and has a cute spattering of freckles ( which she hates), she is dressed in her favourite colours of purple and lime green.

Iris is a believer, she believes in fairies Unicorns and is often found hunting around the garden for signs of fairy life, mostly her hunting trips are futile so she collects a few mushrooms instead......If you are looking for someone to share your adventures with Iris could be the  perfect girl for you

Iris is available for adoption @ £50+p&p

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


 This is Gemma, full of joy and happiness, she is a bit of a telly addict and spends far too much time watching soaps.

She always dresses pretty, but casual, with floral leggings and a flouncy gypsy style top

Gemma has long plum coloured hair which she wears loose but adorned with a headband to match her leggings.

if you are looking for a snuggle on the sofa companion, Gemma is perfect for you 

Gemma is available for adoption @ £55 +p&p

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


 Meet new girl Jess (short for Jessie) she has arrived on the shelf with bags of attitude and is busy "helping" the others with their dress sense! She took a long time to choose her name but was helped along by suggestions from our lovely facebook followers.

Jess is a big fan of vintage clothing and tells us that she hunted through the rails of charity shops for all her bargains, she is dressed in cropped denim dungarees and a fitted, floral jacket over a plain white tee shirt.

Jess has her hair in a neat, short bob and is blessed with a spattering of pretty freckles.

If you are looking for a pal to go shopping with or just a good old gossip, then Jess is  definitely your girl 

Jess is available for adoption @ £60+p&p

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


 This is Matteo, he is a Spanish lad with oodles of charm.

He loves to look smart and wears a waistcoat over his tailored shirt, with skin tight corduroy jeans.

Fast cars and motorbikes are Matteo's favourite things and he loves to play a round of crazy golf with the other kids 

Matteo has tanned skin and  a cheeky smile.

Matteo is available for adoption @ £55 +p&p

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


This is Queenie, she is a chatty little  girl who loves her food, she is a big chocolate fan and always first to the biscuit tin to bag the choccie ones.

Playing outdoors is something Queenie loves especially on the garden swing, she is a lovely friend with a heart of gold

She is dressed in pretty floral patterned leggings and a bright orange winter woolie  Her hair is tied in low bunches with purple ribbons and she has big bows on her shoes

Queenie is available for adoption @ £50 +p&p

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


Meet Joe, he is a real character full of fun and laughs!  

He has a tanned complexion and afro hair which is worn in random dreadlocks, he has a cheeky grin and is always very popular with the others on the shelf.

Joe has great fun rummaging in the dressing up box and often chooses to play at being a Doctor or a  vet....if only he can find a willing patient   

He is currently dressed in casual, dark grey joggers and a soft, plain white tee shirt, ready for anything, his new brown boots are perfect for chilly winter walks so he hopes for an active new family

Joe is available for adoption @ £50 +p&p

Hand made doll by Kay Prior


This is Tarquin, he is a crazy boy with lots of imagination and a real sense of fun.

Despite his crazy looks, he can be vey serious,  he carries lots of interesting papers in his briefcase which he loves to impress people with.

He is a snappy dresser and wears braces to hold up his pale green corduroy trousers, his soft grey tee shirt is always tucked in.

Tarquin has a very unkempt mop of ginger hair that is always flopping in front of his eyes.

If you adopt Tarquin you will have hours of fun listening to made up stories.

Tarquin is available to adopt @ £60+p&p

Bespoke Dolls made to order 

I am happy to consider requests for special makes and am happy to try to create any character  you have in mind, skin colour , hair colour and gender are all flexible and clothing entirely up to you.

 If you would like to join my waiting list for a bespoke doll in 2022, please use my contact form to order, giving as much detail as possible, I will then contact you via e- mail to confirm your order and discuss a timescale for the task….bespoke dolls currently cost between £80 -£150


Gallery of previously SOLD boy dolls, all handmade by Kay Prior, requests for similar characters welcome

Gallery of previously SOLD girl dolls all handmade and individual, requests for similar characters welcomed