Paintings available for sale direct from the artist

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I have many original paintings, available for sale and featuring a variety of subject matter,  the selection showcased here are all from 2020.

 If you are interested in purchasing an original, a print, or a specific subject not shown please contact me    


An original painting by Kay Prior


"Sparring" is a brightly coloured 40 x 40 cm acrylic painting of a trio of young Cock Pheasants enjoying some ritual sparring (boys will be boys) it is one of my favourite paintings and a photograph simply doesn't do it justice.

It is offered for sale framed in a simple black tray frame which would look at home in any setting.

£230 +carriage 

An original painting by Kay Prior

"Keeping Watch"

This painting is 50cm x 40cm 

It is a recent (2020)painting which was lovingly hand painted in acrylics on a linen canvas base, it features a colourful Brahma Cockerel and his two wives patrolling a typical English country scene, the painting is offered for sale framed in a stylishly simple, black tray frame.


An original painting by Kay Prior

"Who Goes There?"

This acrylic painting measures 60 x 30cm and features a trio of Black faced sheep, grazing peacefully in a sunlit rural setting, the painting was inspired by one of my rural walks with my dogs and is typical of my paintings of sheep.  This painting comes ready to hang in a simple, but stylish black tray frame, perfect for any situation.

I am offering it for sale at a bargain price of just £200 +carriage


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