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Pet portrait artist & doll maker


Artwork and dolls  by Kay Prior

Who I am & what I do 2021

I am a Sussex based (self taught) artist, specialising in pet portraits and original landscapes.  For almost two decades now I have dedicated myself to accepting pet portrait commissions, painting all kinds of animals and birds for clients across the globe, but 2020 brought with it some unexpected challenges for us all and for me, a need to diversify and add a new string to my bow.
I have now embarked on a project creating artisan cloth dolls which I am offering for sale alongside my paintings.

I have two dogs, "Ruben" a Hungarian Wirehaired Viszla and "Monty" a crossbreed, they keep me on my toes and accompany me on my adventures, seeking reference for new paintings.
They are also rather fascinated by the "small people" invading my studio.

Kay Prior Artist and doll maker

What I do

I LOVE to paint!..... it is definitely in my blood and I consider it a gift from my late father who kindly taught me all the basics.
Combined with the basic skills, I have spent many hours teaching myself to work competently in a wide variety of mediums and as a result I am proud to be able to offer some great and varied choices to my clients, in fact everything from a very traditional Oil or Watercolour painting to a brightly rendered acrylic block canvas, or even a digital portrait, the choice is yours!
Every pet portrait I create is unique, hand drawn or painted from scratch taking into consideration any details and requests from my client, my aim is to create a portrait that is extra special and that captures the essence of your companion.
I also love to sew....... another family interest shared with my sister and inherited from my late mother & grandmother.
2021 has seen the launch of my new sideline in original hand made cloth dolls ..formerly known as "Rag dolls" I love creating these unique characters, each doll is worked from a basic pattern and takes on it's own unique character as the features are added, I then make an outfit to suit.
My "off the shelf" dolls are all listed here
Torti cat portrait in oils

How it all works

Commissioning a Pet Portrait by Kay Prior
  1. Choose from the portrait options available here
  2. Select or take some suitable photographs of your pet (try to get clear close ups and typical poses)
  3. Decide on the size you would like your painting to be (measure the space available and consider your budget)
  4. E-mail (or contact) me with your photos and basic details as outlined above
Equine portrait painting by kay prior

For doll availability check here

Artisan cloth dolls by Kay Prior

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