Kay Prior
Pet portrait artist


Portrait of an Italian Spinone by Kay Prior

Who I am & what I do

I am a Sussex based (self taught) artist, specialising in pet portraits and original landscapes.  For almost two decades now I have dedicated myself to accepting pet portrait commissions, painting all kinds of animals and birds for clients across the globe.
When I am not painting commissions, I like to immerse myself in local landscapes and often have original paintings for sale.
I have two dogs, "Ruben" a Hungarian Wirehaired Viszla and "Monty" a crossbreed, they keep me on my toes and accompany me on my adventures, seeking reference for new paintings.
Having owned many pets throughout my life, I fully understand the important role they play within the family and am aware of the strong  bond that exists between pet and owner.

Kay Prior Artist

What I do

I LOVE to paint!..... it is definitely in my blood and I consider it a gift from my late father who kindly taught me all the basics.
Combined with the basic skills, I have spent many hours teaching myself to work competently in a wide variety of mediums and as a result I am proud to be able to offer some great and varied choices to my potential clients, in fact everything from a very traditional Oil or Watercolour painting to a brightly rendered acrylic block canvas, or even a portrait on a slate, the choice is yours!
Every pet portrait I create is unique, hand drawn or painted from scratch taking into consideration any details and requests from my client, my aim is to create a portrait that is extra special and that captures the essence of your companion.
If you are local to my area of East Sussex (and it is mutually feasible to arrange) I am happy to meet you to take reference photographs prior to your painting , but, since most of my clients come from afar, I am equally happy to help you choose suitable photographs from your own library.
Working more or less exclusively from photographs and character information supplied, I can obtain the best likeness possible and fortunately, having lots of experience of animals as pets helps me to recognise the tiny nuances that identify individual character of my subject and happily, I have many repeat clients who come back to me for this reason. 
Clients often request unique background scenes or favourite places to be included in their painting and where possible, I am happy to include them to create an even more significant memory for you.
I am always open to discuss any unusual ideas or special requests which would make a commissioned painting extra special for you, so don't be afraid to ask! 
Torti cat portrait in oils

How it all works

Commissioning a Pet Portrait by Kay Prior
  1. Choose from the portrait options available here
  2. Select or take some suitable photographs of your pet (try to get clear close ups and typical poses)
  3. Decide on the size you would like your painting to be (measure the space available and consider your budget)
  4. E-mail (or contact) me with your photos and basic details as outlined above
Equine portrait painting by kay prior

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